Dan McShane was born in 1965 and is a contemporary British landscape artist.

I have produced art as far back as I can remember, as a child I would spend hours copying characters from my favourite comics.

Getting into Art College was a dream come true and I loved every aspect of it. On leaving I was lucky enough to become a graphic designer for a print company.

I have also enjoyed the facets of the art world and have been fortunate to work in galleries, fine art publishing and eventually the interior design industry producing artwork for many of this Countries award-winning designers.

Much of their work hangs in prestigious hotels, corporate organisations and many large private homes.

I have always had a passion for both landscape and coastal areas of the British Isles and this is where I find the inspiration in the more personal work I know produce.

Painting that attempts to evoke a sense of place and atmosphere that we may have all experienced at some point.

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Stuart McPherson

Stuart McPherson is a self taught artist from the East End of Glasgow. After finishing school he attended Glasgow College of Art and Design achieving a degree in interior design which became his full time career, at times supplying his art work to his clients. Some years later Stuart studied Art History with the Humanities Open University obtaining a masters degree.

Stuart is passionate about art and now concentrates on his art work full time

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Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916, in Llandaff, South Wales, United Kingdom, to Norwegian parents. He spent his childhood summers visiting his grandparents in Oslo, Norway. ... After his father died when Dahl was four, his mother followed her late husband's wish that Dahl be sent to English schools.

Born: September 13, 1916, Llandaff

Died: November 23, 1990, Oxford, England

Nationality: United Kingdom, Norway

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Rozanne Bell

The vibrancy, creativity & colourfullness of Rozanne Bell's character is reflected in her work, which can now be found in Galleries up and down the Country. Her gregarious, bold and expansive nature embodies the topics and styles of her paintings.

Born in Zimbabwe, Rozanne developed her artistic career ther, painting the colourful flora and fauna ofn Africa, which she then personalise with her on hunourous perspective. She came to briton in 2002, whilst her style and subject matter has since expanded greatly, the memories and influence of her native country are reflected in the vibrancy and depth of her paintings. Today her love of the Dorset countryside, the coves and harbours of Cornwall play a great influence in her art.

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Dan Crisp

Dan's entirely hand created and unique style of digital painting is a contemporary response to the vast and varied influences of the British landscape.

Born in Beverly in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Dan studied Fine Art and Illustration becoming an accomplished painter and successful illustrator. For many years he Illustrated for advertising agencies at the highly respected Northern Art Studio in Manchester and then turned his attention to book illustration he has illustrated over 70 books and written many more, working for many of the Uk's leading publishers as well as clients in America, Australia & South Korea.

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Jay Nottingham

Jay Nottingham was born in Bedfordshire in 1972 and currently lives in Wales where he is an artist full-time. He specialises in oil paintings with which he has mastered his own distinguishable style. He combines a palette knife with delicate brush work to achieve pieces full of texture and vibrant colour.

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Born in Melbourne, 1974. Kevin studied at Melbourne high school, where his artistic vocation woke up thanks to a teacher who encouraged his passion.

When he was 17 he used to visit his teacher’s studio where he was immersed in the abstract world.

Going to the University of Melbourne allowed him to explore his talents and develop his artistic skills which have lead him into a successful career as an artist.

During his time at University he met his wife who went to Australia on an Erasmus scholarship. Consequently, after their graduation they moved to Alicante where his wife heralds from. Nowadays he continues visiting Alicante’s university doing some training courses in other artistic subjects.

His artworks are exhibited in public and private collections around the world including; Australia, Spain, France, England, Italy, Dubai, Arab Countries, Russia and Japan among others.

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