It is not just the art that is beautiful in our gallery, the frames are too. At Paisley Picture Framers & Gallery we are experts in framing. We use the finest materials and the best conservation techniques, meaning that your art work will be with you forever.

Framing in it's self is an art form. It adds to the aesthetic quality of picture and increases the overall feel of the picture. We have the knowledge and skill to create frames of breathtaking quality, employing some of the best European moulding techniques in our process. A frame by reflecting the proportions, texture and colours inherent in the art work, becomes a important feature of the art itself. It draws the viewers eye to the picture and helps to identify it in context with it's surroundings.

At Paisley Picture Framers & Gallery we pride ourselves on the expert advice and consultation we give throughout Scotland. Our in-house picture framing team offer a fast and efficient framing service, offering free advice about how best to frame your piece of art. We have a massive of over 600 frames available and also offer specialist conservation framing (acid free).

A signed Chris Hoy shirt with conservation framing

Chris Hoy signed shirt we framed (Conservation Framing)